4.5 "Birthday" Interview

6 months late isn't that bad is it? I'm well aware that I never posted any of Hadley's birthday pictures, or anything for Carsen's birthday, but, you know, we are getting there. And while we wait for me to get caught up with life, here's Hadley - in all her 4 1/2 year old glory.


We're six years into this marriage gig and I feel like I'm only starting to scratch the surface of understanding it all. What it means to give yourself fully to someone and share your entire life,  while creating new life, with them - the power that comes from standing in that relationship with that person. There are few things I can think of more sacred than that. There is nothing in life I have found that is more exciting, challenging, funny, emotional, desirable, character building and worth it like marriage. I'm so grateful for the life we have built and for everything that sits ahead of us. I can't think of anything I want more than a lifetime of takeout and Netflix next to Jake.

I love that kid - a whole lot. Here's to six more!

How to play outside

A few weeks ago at preschool, during recess, a boy walked over to us and said "I'm done playing outside, I want to go in." My mom and I were surprised since we had only been out maybe five minutes. After distracting him with a different activity, my mom remarked how kids today don't know how to play outside. But how would they with everything to entertain them inside?

Growing up in North Carolina, my sisters and I were outside everyday. At least, that is how I remember it. Riding bikes in our cul-de-sac, examining the bugs around the yard, climbing trees, living our world of make-believe in the woods behind our house, catching fireflies at night, and every other activity we could find around our neighborhood. That was my life, and I feel happy every time I think of my childhood. I hate knowing that Hadley and Carsen won't have the same opportunities because I can't just let them explore on their own without worrying for their safety. But so help me, I will teach them how to play outside if it is the last thing I do.

This year, that is my focus (among everything else going on in my life). Throughout this year I want to move away from the toys we have inside, and expand their imaginations for what they can find outside. My fondest memories are of playing with what we found rather than what we brought outside with us. I hope when my children are grown they are able to say the same thing.

Let me show you December

December was so great. It made me so anxious for next year when Carsen can enjoy it that much more. That tiny newborn baby stage is so great, but there is also something magical about your kids being old enough to enjoy things around them. 

This year Hadi was a little stressed that since we don't have a chimney, Santa would not be able to find a way into our house. And since Jake and I are pretty awesome, we made one. Also we had no room for a tree, so we made a felt tree. Basically we had a super "we are poor and white trash" christmas, but to Hadley we are now the coolest parents. Well, we were the coolest parents. Her opinion of us has definitely shifted now that we are more than a month out. You win some, you lose some. 


^^ proof the kids survived. 

Last week Jake left on his first ever "business trip" to New Jersey for corporate training. He flew for his first time in like 6 years, was voted the "daily winner," successfully avoided getting drunk at the bar every night, almost got to visit New York,  ate a deep-fried oreo and a sandwich comprised of chicken fingers, bacon, mac&cheese and french fries at a shop appropriately named "Fatty's," and WAS THE WEEKLY WINNER out of the entire group of 28 trainees.

And I survived being alone with both kids for a whole week and no one died. So,  I'd say we both had pretty successful weeks.

Only Nineteen Days Late

What a wild New Years Eve!

Appetizers, pizza, dancing, singing, wii playing, countdown, sparklers, fireworks, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" New Years kiss, and back home. 

We read stories, said prayers, laid both kids down, and then at 9:54 pm I curled up bed and fell fast asleep.   
So we lied to the kids. Big deal. I got into bed before 10 and that is celebration enough. Happy new year to us all!

2014 - you were hard and emotional trying and successful and beautiful all rolled into one. You showed me at my worst, but gave me my best. While I'm not anxious to ever repeat this year, I will give you credit for changing me for the better. Thanks for that. 

Now, 2015, let's do this. Be kind, will ya?


27 is already shaping up to be a great year. I can just feel it all around me. I'm ready, so bring it on!