My First Blog Ever!!

Well, I finally gave in.. All of you (okay like two of you, the only ones who are reading this) wanted me to get a blog so here you go :) apparently "I have to have one because all married people do!" I don't know how I will have time with all of this wedding planning and school everyday but I will see what I can do :)

Maybe once I figure out how to do all of this blogging I will make a countdown, but for now I will use to to get out all my excitement... there are 14 more days till me and jake get married!!! yay!! Just pray I dont drive you all crazy with my nonstop commentary of everything i have left to do. give me a little bit of time.. I promise I will calm down :)

Thats all I've got for now- just give me props for actually making one of these!


Petersons said...

Good Job!!! Im proud of you for joining the blogging world!!!!

The Sandovals said...

It's about freakin time! Yes i am stalking you do you have a problem with it?? I saw your link off Madi's page thanks for cluing me in that you have a blog! Ya whatever :) Anyways super excited for your wedding! Send me your e-mail to and I'll send you and invite to my private blog!

Trevor, Karyn, Kenzi, Ashlin, and Baby Peterson said...

Oh yay, another blog to read! These kind of things make me happy =) And don't worry about trying to keep it as updated as other people. You guys will still be newlyweds with interesting lives. Blogging obsessively is for us stay at home mommies with no other window to the outside world. Thanks for the wedding invite...we'll be there!