Since when does manwich now come with hamburger in it??

So, I started cooking what I thought would be a rediculously easy dinner, when to my suprise, I opened a can of Manwich and found only sauce. Is it just me or did it use to come all premade prewonderful and pre-easy?? okay so it still was a rediculously easy dinner of sloppy joes, but still.. Who has time to cook hamburger these days?

Well, we are alive everyone! I know it has been like two months plus since we have written anything but hey, we are a young married couple- give us a break! (i am going to be using that excuse for a lonnnng time coming) But, since it has been awhile, here is what we have been up to:

- We got MARRIED! :)

- I went to Vegas for my first time ever and loved it!

- jake played in a basketball tournament

- I did lots of homework

- American Idol started and I am obsessing

- I checked off two life goals! (carve my name in a tree; own an "I love NY article of clothing)
- and i had 4 near death experiences with spiders (i still cant find that 4th one)... yuck.

Lets hope we can keep up with this blog so our entries wont be so long :)


Petersons said...

Manwich has never come with hamburger!

Jake and Bryton said...

yay an update! and you figured out the blog list!

The Sandovals said...

Glad to see you guys are alive! Sounds like you guys have been up to some fun newlywed stuff!

Madi said...

im still pisssed about the whole manwhich thing!