Sometimes I Wish I Was...




An employee on the Ellen Show

A contestant on So You Think You Can Dance
An ASL interpreter
A Hippie :)
A singer/songwriter

The owner of Kat Cooks wardrobe
Able to speak my mind and make decisions

A mommy
And a student at hogwarts...

But for now, i will JUST BE ME.

*I tag all of you to do this too :)


rachel! said...

You are too cute AND creative! I couldn't possibly do this because mine would seem lame next to yours :) You're fantastic!

Madi said...

This is so cute missy! i am so doing this!

Kat said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't even know you had a blog! Rachel told me I needed to read this post, and now I know why! You are so sweet, and I totally love you! You're awesome, Danica! :)

Matt and Mal said...

So cute! I agree with Rachel about mine looking lame next to yours! Hope you're having a good week with all these stressful projects and finals! yuk

Trevor, Karyn, Kenzi, Ashlin, and Jamison Peterson said...

I love it! About time you posted more!

Jake and Bryton said...

haha the sucker! classic!