A Little "Taste" of Italy

Okay so I found the most divine little happy "Ristorante" called Terra Mia. It's pizza/pasta/salad place with, wait for it... Gelato! mmm :) My mom, sisters, niece and myself went on a "girls afternoon out" to see Ice Age 3 (which by the way- SO cute!). Afterwards, while trying to get out of the rain, we ran into this place! And I am so happy we did! Here are some pictures from our afternoon:

Haha, she was a little excited about how good it tasted


Madi said...

mmmm i wanna eat there again

Jake and Bryton said...

i just ate there! loved it. got the margarita pizza. divine!

Karyn said...

Yeah, that place is pretty yummo! Have you eaten at Gloria's Little Italy? That place is even better!