*That stands for Bloggers Anonymous*

Hi, my name is Danica, and I have an addiction.

I am addicted to recipe blogs.

Each morning i wake up, hurry to the computer,
and hope that a new recipe has been posted on one
of my favorite recipe blogs. Is that terrible?

I think today alone i have copied 18 new recipes into
my "to cook" folder. Yes you read that right- 18. Today.

Now before you go and judge me, let me give you a "taste"
(pun intended) of the things i have found:

And i need you all to understand that this is like barely any
of the recipes i have found. Can you blame me??


Jake & Bryton said...

hey at least it gets you to make stuff...better than i can say

Lesa said...

Well, thanks to you I have a new addiction. :O)

Madi said...

Haha you got me and my roommates hooked on them too missy it ridiculous!