R.I.P little white wagon...

So, last week one of our two cars broke down and pretty much died. For good. It's gone. Now you might say "Atleast you have another car!" And yah, I thought that too. Up until the moment I realized that at most given moments of the day, Jake and I are at completely different places, and many times in different cities. SO, what to do:
  • Buy a new car? I wish.
  • Move to my parents house to afford a new car? Don't really want to.
This is about the moment where the stress set in. What do we do!? Our solution for the moment is a bus pass, which besides it taking 40 minutes to get to school rather than 10, and getting me to class late because i got on at the wrong time, its a pretty good solution. But I just had this horrible vision of me standing sopping wet in the rain/snow this winter for 15 minutes waiting for my connecting bus. And I have a terrible feeling its going to come true. *sigh..* the joys of being an adult, right? I guess we will just keep praying and have faith it is all gonna work out like we are told it will! until then... anyone got any good ideas/solutions???


Mark and Callie said...

I take the bus to school everyday. (actually twice a day) and it does take a lot longer, and is sometimes smelly, but there is a plus side. I get 75% of my homework done on the bus. So that is great. Plus i save a ton on gas. So even though i definitely feel your pain, there are some advantages. Once you get the schedule down (they are ALWAYS late!!! ugh) it can be OK.

Seth & Carlie said...

That's rough! I am glad you can get a bus pass though. I'll keep you and Jake in my prayers. I hope school is still going well though!