Monumental Cooking Experience

And it was BAD. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. BAD.
Okay, let me start from the beginning. I have been wanting to make this recipe for a while now because when I was looking at it, it seemed so delicious! And it was a recipe blog i trusted so I figured I couldn't go wrong. Let me give you an idea, here is the paragraph explaining how yummy it was going to be:
"I'm finally back to reality after being on vacation for almost 3 weeks. It was so nice having a break from all the cooking and cleaning, but you can only eat so much restraunt food before you start craving good old home cooked recipes. I got this recipe from my friend Mandy, and although it does take a little bit longer, it is soooo worth it! So don't be intimidated and give it a try, I promise you won't be disappointed."
Oh but I was disappointed. My sister and I decided to try a "Chinese" night complete with Panda's chow mein, Orange chicken, fried rice and pot stickers. Sounds wonderful right?
WRONG. 3 hours later, the chicken wasn't even started.. And the minute I started frying it I knew the night was a disaster. The chow mein was disgusting, the sauce for the chicken was even worse, and the chicken looked like fried fish globs. We never got to the pot stickers. I was gagging all over the place (those of you who know about my gagging problem will understand - except I am sick so its 10 times worse) and I was about 10 seconds from a meltdown. I was so frustrated that I had just spent 3 hours of my life making something that was so unbelievable not worth it (btw, my brother in law AND my husband both tried the chicken dipped in the sauce, and both almost threw up. yah, it was THAT bad.) and on top of all of that frustration, I had homework that wasn't getting done, and a virus infected computer that regularly kept beeping at me and shutting down. That is about the time when all of this got extremely funny.. and that’s about when I started crying. And this is the monumental part: my sister is the one who was calming ME down. This may not mean anything to any of you (besides Madison or something) but I think I have spent much of my life calming my sister down.. Never the other way around. AND the food she was making in the background of all of this turned out fine. Of course. So in the end we had fried rice and pumpkin bars left as the only options for dinner (this is at like 9:30 or 10:00..) But by that point I had lost my appetite, so my brother in law threw it away (so that i didnt have to look at it again and risk gagging) and me and jake went home.
I am just glad the night is over. And thank goodness that taco bell is open late.
P.S. don't any of you think of asking me for that recipe ;) I have burned it out of my memory.


derek and kimber said...

HAHAHA. Oh Danica! sorry it didn't work out, but it made a good story, ya?

Kat said...

oh no! That does not sound good at all! Hopefully you won't let that affect your desire to continue cooking! It can be really fun! Next time do something more simple so you can boost your confidence up again. :)