Once upon a time..

Once upon a time, I failed miserably at cooking. If you read this blog at all then you know the experience that I am talking about. I don't want to explain it again for fear of gagging. Well once upon a time I also had a mother who cared so much about me and that horrible experience that she wouldn't let me put it behind me and just forget about it. So she bought me this:

Panda's Orange Chicken Sauce.
I cringe a little everytime that I see it.
But I have to try it right?
We will see how it turns out this time around...


Petersons said...

being the loving sister that I am, I am willing to try it with you!Even after that horrible- well mostly horrible for you- experience in my kitchen!

Lesa said...

mmm don't worry. It's really good! :O) I know about those things that just make you sick though. I can't stand the sight of Cheetos. lol btw, we got our baby food from WIC!! Love getting stuff for free from them every month!