Swine Flu?

We aren't really sure if this is what I've got, but whether it is Swine Flu or not, It sucks! I have all of the symptoms, but when I called my doctor to see how much the test cost, they told me they don't do the test. They just listen to your symptoms and say whether they think you have it or not.... I'm pretty sure I can do that myself, thanks. So now I am quarantined to the bedroom for who knows how long, just sitting here, covered

head to foot in my moms essential oils, feeling like
death. Fun, huh?


Lesa said...

Awww... sounds icky. I wish we could do something for you!

Lindsey said...

Dani!! I had the Swine Flu back in June. (the test bytheway is no fun to get done) but what really helped me feel better was a lot of IBprofin and herbal mint tea. Good luck!! Get better soon!

smwaters said...

What do you always remember (even on death's door)?