I feel like something in my life is about to change, but I am not sure what.
The past day or two I've had this feeling that over the next year or so,
things are not going to stay the same. I don't think anything bad is going to happen;
In fact, I feel like it will be something beneficial. The feeling makes me a little nervous (because I don't like change) but I keep remembering a quote that my Dad told me last year when I was going through a big life change. He said "Faith is an openess to possibilities." That quote helped me through a lot and ended up helping me to find my husband, Jake.

I guess maybe all of this is just a part of getting older; learning new things..having different experiences.. all of them to help stretch me and make me a better person. I will be graduating next fall and I really hope that by that time, I am in a different "place" than I am now. I want to be ready to take on the world, not terrified of what to do next. I think it all comes down to faith though. Faith in my Heavenly Father that he knows me and what is best for me. Faith that I can do any task that is brought before me if I keep him by my side. And faith that if I remain open to the new experiences and possibilities he places in front of me, he will help mold and shape me into the person he and I both know I can become.

Who knows, maybe it's nothing. But maybe it will be something that will change my life. Kind of exciting, isn't it?

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Brittany and Allen said...

you are prego! that's what the change will be.. a baby rugg :) hahah jk