Things I Know For Sure:

--Driving in a car is not the place to shape your eyebrows or put on eyeliner
--Harry Potter references are the way to my heart
--Animals and cute old men can melt my heart
--the definition of "audism."
--the name of the boat Laurent Clerc and Gallaudet took to America
--You should never keep your phone in your back pocket when you go to the bathroom. Ever.
--I'm a total pushover and I am too much of a pushover to do anything to change it
--I hate when people say "Oh, just wait, that will change," or "You won't feel like that forever." Just because I am a "newlywed", doesn't mean I am stupid.
--When you decide in your head that something WILL get done, you will let nothing stop you from achieving it.
--Affirmations really work.
--My mind knows how to make me feel more guilty than anyone else can
--I spend too much time trying to be like other people, and making sure those other people like me.
--I will believe almost anything if there is a percentage in the sentence.
--Laughing and joking your way through a hard/frustrating/reoccurring situation is much better than sitting in silence for 40 minutes while your car is broken down on the side of a cold freeway. I'm just saying.
--You really don't know what you have got until it's gone.
--You can do everything right with a bad attitude and fail, but do everything wrong with a good attitude and still succeed.
--A broken heart takes more than time to heal.
--When I make a promise, I mean it.
--Family is what it's all about.
--God always knows what going on even when you don't.
--Music can speak to me in a way that almost nothing else can.
--Prayer really works, and I'm pretty sure it works double time during finals week or a crisis.
--"Finals week" and "crisis" are the same thing.
--If we each were more a little more tolerant of other religions and cultures, this world would be a happier place.
--You should never judge someone, because you don't know how close you really are to being in their shoes.
--Forgiveness + prayer is one of the most powerful ways of healing
--Get mad, talk about it if needed, the get over it. Thinking about it over and over will always make it worse.
--The answer to the question "what do you always remember?"
--Always say "I love you" because you don't know when it might be the last time you get the chance.

What do you know for sure?


rachel! said...

I love your list my dear! I did a similar post a couple months ago, it was a lessons learned post. I know:
-telling the truth is easier than remembering a lie
-everyone needs a friend and everyone needs the chance to be a friend
-that we are all meant for great things but we need to figure out what they are, god isn't just going to plop it into our laps without some serious strife
-that sometimes you just need to keep praying until you feel like praying
-it's not worth it to borrow worry; don't worry about the future, it's going to happen whether we want it to or not and worrying about it doesn't help anything
-smiling at a stranger can make their day and your day better


Jake & Bryton said...

i know that danica is a GREAT friend :) have a merry christmas!!! i'll prob see you next semester as i am working on campus. (yes that's right! as an interpreter!!)

Petersons said...

- I know the answer to "what do you always remember!"

Petersons said...

and I know that your post made me teary eyed.. which for me is the closest i get to crying most of the time

smwaters said...

Thirty-two percent of the people who heard the cute old man quote Albus Dumbledore who said, "Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it" were able to recognize that truth because they had lived through a broken heart.

Hil said...

I know that Danica is one of the people that has the cutest decorations! And I also know that when in doubt, google it. :)