Who's Gonna Win?

I am in love with Jakob and Katherine.

Who do you want to win?

p.s. what is up with NOT ONE single Mia Michaels routine this whole season??


Petersons said...

LEGACY SHOULD HAVE FREAKIN WON... he NEVER should have been cut.That being said. I really love Jakob too... but since legacy is gone I dont really care who wins. and ya we needed some Mia Michaels this season, not to many routines I fell in love with.

Kat said...

I heard that mia is doin other stuff with a different show. But that could just be a rumor my mother in law told me. I don't have television/cable so I haven't been watching, but she always catches me up to date with the latest shows. Hmmm... you gotta let me know who wins! You excited to be done with school??? YAY!!

The Sandovals said...

Ya im annoyed about the Legacy thing too! I like Katherine and Russell! I can't believe that couple from Utah are still in! Crazy