The Best Fish I Ever Had

Sparkle passed away sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. I wrote a pretty sad obituary the last time she died, but this time even though I am sad, I am happy for her. She had been dying for a few days and it was pretty sad to watch. She would try to swim over to see me, or to get food, but you could tell it was hard for her.

*Dragging plastic pieces along her bowl and watching her get excited and follow it around
*Shaking her food container and watching her freak out knowing food was coming
*Talking to her when I needed someone to talk to and having her swim fast over to where I was and watch me until I was done.

I know it’s silly to love a fish this much, but I LOVE and have a connection with every animal I have. To me they are part of my family and I share as much of my life with them as I can. Thanks Sparkle for making me so happy for the last 3 1/2 years!
*Saying good morning to her everytime I got up
*The first day I bought her. Me and Abbie were feeling lonely so we decided to buy fish together! She bought a cute red beta and I bought sparkle. We had so much fun cleaning out the tank, getting it all ready, and watching our fishies experience their new home.
My favorite memories of her are:


smwaters said...

The next time there is that much love for a fish, do the right thing and get this:

Kristin said...

Hi pretty!
I'm sorry about Sparkle. :( How about we hang out soon to help with the mourning? :) Love, Kristin

Madi said...

Missy, our burn victim fish died this morning. can we grieve together?

RIP sparkle and burn vitim.