Better Together

Better When We're Together by Chuppy&Jessica

Tom & Jerry
Ben & Jerry
Movies & Popcorn
Harry Potter, Ron, & Hermione
Jim & Pam
Christmas Eve & Waffles w/Strawberries and Ice Cream
Sunday Nights & Desperate Housewives
Law and Order & SVU
Mac-n-cheese & Cream of Mushroom Soup
Ellen & Dancing
Sparkle & Life
Pop Tarts & Butter
Black & Tan
Brinley & Danica
Snuggies & an Afternoon Naps
Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet
Tina Fey & Amy Pohler
Chocolate & Orange Juice
Birthdays & The Red Plate
Reading & Rainy Days
Milk & Graham Crackers
Brett & Sal...
Kaiser & Oakley
Will & Flavia
Joshua Radin & Missy Higgins
You & Me ♥

Got any to add to the list?


BIG KK and little k said...

Chocolate and Chocolate
Koy and Kristen and Kasen

smwaters said...

Steven & Jill
Dr. Pepper & just about anything
Buffy & Angel
HDTV & Subwoofers
Netflix & Wireless Streaming
Soloflex & P90x
Lotoja & Bikes
Shoes & Socks
Levis & Jackson Brown
A Guitar & Dan Fogelberg
Essential Oils & Health
Flat Irons & Blow Dryers
Taco Salad & Ranch Dressing
Salt & Pepper
Ice Cream & Caramel
Economics & Math
Meaning & Thought
Meditation & Tibetan Singing Bowls
Djembes & Drum Circles
Little Hands & Kindness
Love & Laughter
Jesus & Sunbeams
Hannah & Birds
Movies & Popcorn
Falling Slowly & Eyes That Know Me
A Sinking Boat & Being Pointed Home
A Life Lived & A Hope Fulfilled
Fear Departing & Faith Enduring
Opening & Closing
Alpha & Omega

The Sandovals said...

Hahaha love it!

Jake & Bryton said...

bryton and shopping!!!! (does that count?)

Cassie and Chad said...

American Idol & the Kerbys :-)

rachel! said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Will and Flavia? I love it!

Thaxton's said...

chips & salsa.
titan & linkin.
tyler & boss :)

Thaxton's said...

oh also
wallets & $$ in them.

Brittany and Allen said...

BFF's and DC's :)
Micu and death?
gyno lady and goo
alan clark and sick nasty
TS and MMMMMM...
the gospel and happiness
"don't say things that don't make sense" and "wannabe"
should've said no and pookie
A and B :(
Grizz and you know what i mean
lil bear and little man syndrome
julz and her id