Guilty Pleasure

Alright, I'll admit it.. I've been sucked into something that I never thought I would.. 13 seasons have come and gone, and I really could have cared less. In fact, I always thought it was pretty pathetic. Well today I realized something about myself:

I have a fascinating addiction to The Bachelor.

There, I said it! Please don't judge me if you hate that show.. I can't help it! I was taking it pretty easy today since it was Saturday, and while Jake was playing a basketball game, I figured I would watch some shows on Hulu to pass the time.

4 hours later, I am an addict and have already set my DVR to record next Mondays episode :)

Anyone want to join my addict-support group??


Hil said...

Hahaha, I know the feeling, When I was living at home, I wasn't allowed to watch it and any other "reality crap shows" as my dad called them. :) So I saw the show for the first time ever this recent Monday with Anna.... I'm hooked already. And it was only one episode. It's ok, we know how you feel, we can start a group together. :)

smwaters said...

I raised you better than that.

Anna said...

yup..Hil and I started our own group...we'll join you :) Anna.