happiness is..

My sister and I have had what we call a "Happiness Is" book for quite some time. Each time we think of something that makes us happy, we write it down. Its that simple. Surprisingly, it made me a much more positive person and helped me to see the good things in life rather than focusing on the negative around me. Here are a few of my happiness's:

fruit snacks.
Listening to Harry Potter while working on a project.
Going the speed limit after bumper to bumper traffic.
The scotch pop-up tape sound on the commercials.
SVU marathons.
The bench routine from SYTYCD.
The color of smoothies.
Glitter caterpillars.
Hoover (does anyone else remember this game??)
Old school tupperware.
The smell of soft serve and ice cream cones together.
Vegas on your honeymoon.
The first time I smell summer.
Sparkle coming back to life.
pink cookies from jr. high and high school.
The sound of a york peppermint patty breaking (try it!)
Black & Tans.
things being even on both sides.

Those are just a few.. seriously, I have like 16 oversized pages full of more.

What makes you happy?

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Rebecca A said...

I'm totally stealing that quote and using it as my fb status :)