Our Holiday Break

Instead of writing about everything we did, here are a million pictures of what we have been up to. Enjoy!

Me and Brin building our gingerbread house

Aunt Kristine :)

Our traditional Christmas morning picture on the stairs right before we go see our presents.

Harry Potter!! I was just a little bit excited

One of Jakes best friends (the one in the middle) got married on the 28th - It was so fun being in the temple with Jake that day to watch them get sealed!


Yup. Don't mess.

BiRtDaY GiRlS! On December 30th I turned 22 and Brinley turned 3 - It's so fun sharing a birthday with this crazy girl!

She had an accident while we were seeing "The Princess and the Frog" (Such a good movie!!) and so we had to take off everything from her shirt down. She was such a trooper and started singing about it while the woman in the stall next to us laughed her head off. How can you not just love this girl to pieces??

After our Bombay House dinner

Sledding!! This was right after we crashed

We went sledding at Rock Canyon Park with our friends Mac and Katy. Katy is from Costa Rica and just recently moved here, so this was her first time sledding ever.. I think she liked it :)

Me and Katy

Yah... Don't ask.

This picture describes our marriage perfectly. Jake is goofing around and I am rolling my eyes. Him+Me=Love

I was SO frustrated at this point haha. Everytime we would try to take a picture, Jake would say "okay, i will smile this time." and then this would happen. Through all my rage I managed to still think it was pretty funny :)

Mi Papa

This is us just after watching Avatar in 3D. It was a long movie and I was a little skeptical about seeing it but it was super good! I think it's one of those movies everyone needs to see once.

This concludes our vacation. Thanks for watching :)


murtle said...

hahahaha did you see me in the picture on the stairs?? wow. thats all i have to say

BIG KK and little k said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas vacation!

The Sandovals said...

Cute pics! Looks like a fun busy holiday break! By the way happy be lated birthday!