True Friends

Throughout the past few weeks I have realized the importance of true friends, and I have come to realize who mine are. I figured it was a little unfair if I didn't give them credit for all they have done for me.

My Throw-up Bucket: This thing is always there for me and has never let me down. Can't thank him enough.

Anti-Nausea Medicine: This thing changes my life. seriously! Even though it doesn't take all the sickness away, I can actually sort of function :)

Applesauce: This stuff always sounds good even when absolutely nothing else does. And believe me, that is most of the time. Love, love, love applesauce :)

Smoothies: No explanation needed. You all understand

Saltines: First thing I eat before I get out of bed, and I haven't thrown them up once! I think that is a pretty big deal.

Preggie Pops: These little guys are great! As long as my nausea is not from having no food in me, these things are great to help settle a tummy.

My Awesome Husband: This guy is amazing. Seriously. He has already put up with so much, including my continuous sobbing for reasons unknown to the both of us. And somehow he still loves me! Who knows how much more he will have to put up with, but all I can say is thanks :)

So, as you all can see I have been pretty busy with some of my new friends. But (with the exception of my husband) I can't wait to ditch them and get back to hanging out with the rest of all of you!


Seth & Carlie said...

haha i love this post! i am glad you are getting to figure out all the pregnancy stuff before any one of us else has to! you'll be the pro and know all the tricks! those preggy pops sound good! hope you have a great day!

What I do... said...

Jake is awesome huh! I'm glad you have found some things you could put in your happiness! Very important to add your throw up bucket too! ha ha!! I love you Dani! Its all part of the journey! I can only imagine the adventure I have awaiting me one day!. :s

Katy said...

That Ondansetron stuff literally saved my life!! Problem is when the water you take it with makes you throw up. Good luck Dani! It will get better eventually and you'll forget mostly how awful it was :) PS. I never ever threw up a baked potato or hashbrowns, you may want to try it.

steph said...

Saltines and smoothies are some of my pregnant favs as well. Hope you get feeling better soon!