Copy Cat

I am a copy cat. It’s not something I feel like I "need" to admit because I already know its part of who I am. I have always been this way. And I think copy cats get a very bad rap. Remember back in Jr. High and High School where you could NEVER buy the same things as your friends because you knew they would eternally hate you for it? Yah, I never understood that. I always tried to follow the rule, but I personally thought it was a compliment if someone liked my shirt enough to go buy it themselves. I mean, what is so great about being absolutely unique in everything you do, say, and wear? Here is my thing, I see something I like - be it an amazing talent, a scrapbook idea, a clothing item, a delicious food ensemble, whatever - and I want to learn. I was not blessed with the talent of creativity and originality. So I need to borrow yours. Would you mind sharing?
I’m speaking out on behalf of all copy cats out there, please love and accept us… And if we need to copy you because we think you are amazing and want some admirable qualities like yours.. We will give you the credit, but will you let us? Please?

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smwaters said...

Yes, Dani, you can copy me. I know I've been an amazing role model over the years and you are welcome to copy any and all of the techniques you've learned from me. I accept the compliment.