Have You Seen This Girl?

Name: Madison Paige Waters, AKA The Aggie, Missy, Missy pants, etc.
Height: 5 foot and lots of inches
Weight: like a big sack of flour or something
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Interests: Logan, her Holga camera, melted string cheese wrapped with turkey, and Joshua Radin.

Last seen or heard from: Forever ago. I have tried texting, calling and video chatting her and I have not heard a thing. I am starting to think she has been kidnapped or ran away to Hogwarts.. One of the two. Both are very likely.

Please let me know if you have any information concerning her whereabouts - We are considering a reward for her safe return.


Jill said...

I want that picture of Madi so that I can put up missing persons posters around town! Send me the big version of the picture, please.

Madi said...

hahaha guys i promise i am not missing and i have not been kidnapped, i may have ran away to hogwarts for awhile but i need to let you know that i don't weigh like a big sack of flour.

Kirsten Nicole said...

Dani! I'll come clean! I forced her to come to Hogwarts with me... I was too scared to go by myself!
We didn't get cell phone service there and for some reason they don't use the internet very much. Only OWLS.
She is back now.
With only a few bumps and bruises.
That's all.