one down - two to go

Well, as of last week I made it to my 2nd trimester! I am 15 weeks and the baby is the size of an apple :) There really is not much to say- I just wanted to make sure that I somewhat keep a journal of what this has all been like. And its been super fun! All the throwing up, body aches, pulled muscles, laying on the couch, craving everything with LOTS of calories or sugar, and emotions have made the past 15 weeks such a joy. Something weird is how much I hurt ALL over. And it is weird pains.. Like I have these really bad pains when I lay on a hard surface (like my yoga mat) in my hips and also the backs of my legs at the very top. Kinda odd...But I keep telling myself it will be worth it!
I'm not really showing- I can tell that I am starting to a tiny bit just because my stomach is looking a little chubby but it is different then when I normally gain weight. But I think the 12 lbs I lost from being sick the past couple months will take a few more weeks to catch up with me before I start showing at all. I'm not complaining - I will postpone the huge belly for as long as possible! We still have a long way to go till the baby gets close to coming, but only 28 more days till we find out what we are having! Maybe by then I will have more exciting things to post about than throwing up all the time :)

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Petersons said...

I love the pic and how you made it say baby rugg! and it will be worth it... well at least most of the time it is :)