Oscar the Grouch

I was planning on doing a post all about me being this guy lately and just about how easily i get grumpy these days. I was going to tell you all about computers and tv making me ornery, and video games getting on my nerves. I was also going to explain how the littlest sentence coming out of someones mouth can send me over the edge or put me into tears. I also would have told you how i have been carrying around this negative attitude wherever i go and taking it out on my undeserving husband. I then was going to ask if any of you had any ideas or remedies of getting me out of this slump and making me a happier, nicer person.

But I think I just might have figured it out :) After talking to one of my best friends, Abbie, about how she and I need to stop always waiting for tomorrow and enjoy today it hit me what I was missing: SERVICE.

It's so obvious but yet so easily over looked. When I stop thinking about me, me, me, and focus my attention on those around me, my attitude starts to change. Go figure! I tried it for a full day and decided it's worth it to continue. One day and I was already seeing results! I was being nicer to people who push my buttons, and i wasn't so worried about my problems. I also calmed down about waiting for tomorrow, the end of april, the beginning of summer, the end of sickness, or my baby to finally get here and just thought about today. And I think today is a pretty good day to think about :)

Happy Monday everyone!


Madi said...

your cute missy i like this post!

Thaxton's said...

You are so cute Dani! Pregnancy hormones.. I remember them well.. ha. I was ALL READY a huge cry baby before I ever even got pregnant but especially when I was pregnant I would cry over EVERYTHING! :) so don't worry about anything! I am happy your mood is better now. That sweet baby you are carrying around will be more than worth the pregnancy hormones that come along with making the little tyke.
&& also, @ good earth they have some great pregnancy teas and there is this "happy momma spray" that is great for pregnant moms too!!
Love you Dani! Spring & Summer are all most here and your life is going to just keep getting better and better!!! :)