Sick & Tired

Goodness.. I feel like lately I can't catch a break. I'm trying not to be negative, but sometimes you just need to breakdown and vent. I'm exhausted. I'm tired. I'm nauseas. and I hurt- alot. I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed I guess. I started feeling all the morning sickness stuff about 2 months ago, which has taken a lot out of me. Then right as I started to feel like I was starting to improve, I picked up this lovely cough that helps me throw up more. I hurt my side from coughing so much, and then today, something popped in my side while coughing and I can't move. I really want to be one of those people who can just deal with this stuff and not complain, but today it's just too much :( Will this ever let up? I just want to feel like me again.. or at least get some loads of laundry done without crying from my intolerance of pain.. *sigh*

There is no point in complaining - all it will do is make things worse and make me miserable. So I guess I need to start having a better attitude. On a good note, we went here today and it helped to brighten my spirits. Super cute, extremely yummy, and just a happy mood about the place. I would encourage all of you to try it! It is worth at least a try to see what you think :)


Lesa said...

Even when you are having a "downer" day you are still 100x more positive than a lot of people I know! :O) It will get better... then worse, then better. But it will always get better, especially after you have the baby (at least in my experience of having Maddox).

Seth + Carlie said...

that place looks yummy! i hope you start to feel better!