Happy Easter!

This is my sister Madi (Missy) and my niece Brinley.. Oh my goodness does it get cuter than that??

This weekend was busy but we had a ton of fun!

  • Carlie and Seth's 3rd Annual April Fools Cafe - So fun!
  • Jake played in a dunkball tournament
  • Sleepover at Bert and Ambers
  • Slept in :)
  • Got a call from Missy saying she was home from Logan.. Finally!
  • Watched conference, played games, and ate food all afternoon at Bert and Ambers
  • Realized that this is my last time watching conference without a kid... next conference I will have a newborn...!?
  • Jake went to priesthood session
  • I drove down to provo and went with the girls (mom, Jan, Kira, Brett, Brin, Presley, Hannah, Missy and me) to the cocoa bean.. so yummy :)
  • Discussed priesthood session
  • Listened to this, this, and this and loved every second of it
  • Game night back at Bert and Ambers
  • Sleepover at Bert and Ambers
  • Watched conference at Jakes parents house and fell in couldn't get enough of President Uchtdorf's and Donald L. Hallstrom's talk.. seriously so good. And did anyone else feel like the topic of parenting/mothers/teaching your children the gospel in the home/family was pounded all throughout the weekend?? Lots of information to digest! Some of my favorite quotes were:
- The lord will make a way for our EVERY need to be satisfied as we qualify in obedience for the blessings he wishes us to have
- Rather than looking for someone to blame in times of trial, turn to the Lord and living a righteous life
- No matter the size of the issue, the way we respond can change the course of our lives forever
-Hold on thy way... Never let an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually
-If we stay on the road of truth, the end will be better than the beginning.
  • Drove back down to my parents house and hung out with the fam
  • Home Sweet Home :)
I'm so grateful for my family and friends and that we were able to spend so much time with them this weekend. It's easy to get caught up in the day to day, and being able to listen to church leaders who I respect give me the advice I need, and spend some time away with the people I love was such a nice break.. Now I just gotta get pumped up for the week...

Bring it on Monday :)


smwaters said...

I love seeing all my girls interacting together. You all are great!

BrokenBackBlynna said...

I really like that brett falls under the category "the girls" in this.

Seth + Carlie said...

wow you were busy!

Madi said...

hahaha im pretty sure my favorite thing also about this post is brett being a part of the girls! love it!