Happy Monday

I'm lying here in bed, avoiding getting up, only feeling a liitttle bit sick, excited about the cornflakes and bananas i get to eat, and feeling/watching baby Hadley moving around my tummy. I love this Monday.



Steph said...

So exciting when you can see the baby move! I have laid in bed for hours with each of my kids and just stared in amazment at my belly! I'm glad you seem to be feeling a little bit better! Your more than halfway there! Btw that pic of you on Madi's blog ahh i love it so beautiful!

Kristin said...

So... I've read every single post as you post it, but haven't managed to comment in like 4 of them. [fail.] #1. Holy CRAP you're having a girl! Let's decorate that nursery! #2. I'm so excited for you! and #3. The name Hadley is too perfect. I like that you're done with finals and that you can [hopefully] take a break for a bit. Let's get your OAMC going!

Thaxton's said...

awe, Hadley- what an adorable name!! Im :) You are feeling good and I am so excited for you and Jake .Your blog is super cute too!