St. George Experience

Hotel Room: $60
Gas: $40
Food: $60
Golfing for Jake: $50
Unbearable pain on the ride home: $0
7 hours in the hospital: I don’t want to know..
Coming home pain-free with a healthy baby still in my tummy: Priceless
(sorry this post is pretty lengthy.. for some reason I wanted details to remember later)
Well we are back! We went to St. George for the weekend with my family and for the most part things went good. We left Friday afternoon and got back late last night. We went down mainly for a “reunion” of friends and family that my mom grew up with in California – and then the rest of the time we hung out with my family and did different activities around the area. Even though it was only for a few days, I was so excited to get away and just spend some time relaxing. And relaxing it was until early Sunday morning when I woke up with irritability/cramping-type stuff going on in my back and couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. I figured it wasn’t a big deal though and just decided to deal with it until it went away. Well fast forward about 8 hours of that and it got really bad. It had changed to cramping and constant intense pain in the left side of my back. I started crying and of course it got worse. We had already passed the main hospital and we were about 2 hours from Provo. We called my doctor and told him there was a small community hospital in Fillmore and asked if he thought we should go in. He said it could be pre-term labor and if it was they would helicopter me to Utah Valley ($10,000 later…) so he told us to drive as fast as we could to Provo. Well long story short, Jake gave me a blessing and then thanks to him driving 90-100 mph the whole way we got there in about an hour or so (I don’t really know how long it took.. I was pretty disoriented from the pain at this point) and I only threw up once. Good thing cuz we didn’t have any more bags J
We got to the hospital and they admitted me to labor and delivery and all I could think was that I was finally going to get the pain to go away. Wrong. Try more like 5-6 hours later. Maybe I am just a whimp- but all I know was that was the worst experience of pain I’ve ever had. I think a big part of it was it was so intense in one area and it never let up. They kept telling me I was having contractions but all I could feel was that one pain. So turns out thanks to the UTI (urinary tract infection) that I have been trying to get rid of, it spread up my body and caused an infection in my kidney/kidney area, which was causing the pain, which then was causing my contractions. *sigh*. They hooked me up to an IV and got lots of fluid into me and finally the pain started to get better around 10:00 pm. And baby Hadley was happy and healthy through the whole thing. The only thing she seemed to be bothered with was the monitor they had on my stomach to track her heartbeat. She was kicking it the entire time to get it out of the way. It was sorta funny once the pain was gone and I could actually focus on something J It was interesting though- even though everyone kept saying “pre-term labor” and other scary things, there wasn’t a time when I was worried for the baby. I knew everything would be fine. I guess that was Heavenly Fathers way of keeping me calm as much as possible.
So anyways, thankfully we got to go home that night and now I am just taking it easy trying to drink as much water and cranberry juice as is humanly possible. I’m just happy it’s over with J Hopefully the next trip we go on will be much less eventful! Here is a video my sister put together of the happier moments of our vacation J


rachel! said...

How scary! I'm so glad everything worked out :) The Priesthood - it works!

Dave and Lizzie Barrett said...

Wow scary! I am sorry that you had to go through all that.. especially away from home! I'm so glad it all worked out and that your sweet baby is fine. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.. you are so great. :)

Lesa said...

so glad everything worked out and you guys are ALL ok! And that you didnt have to take that helicopter ride. That would be a killer.

Seth + Carlie said...

Wow! I am glad everything is ok Dani!

Jake & Bryton said...

phew! glad we still have you and baby hadley. but maybe you should have taken that helicopter ride... that would have been a sweet (expensive!) story ha!