Deja Vu

Back cramping.
Stomach cramping.
Lots of back pain.
Throwing up.

Didn't I just barely do this? Oh yah, this is take two. Today we went back to the hospital to have a little more fun since apparently once wasn't enough! At least this time I got a shot of morphine - made me a little crazy and everything including my teeth felt super heavy - but it took away the pain and nausea :) They aren't sure whats going on.. could be a kidney stone, could be some swollen kidney thing from where Hadley is sitting, or it could just be a kidney infection. Whatever it is, let's just hope there are no more hospital visits until September.

On a happier note - wanna see the cutest drowsy driving video? go here to see my niece driving on her dad's lap while her parents tried to keep her awake till they got to grandmas.

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Rick and Michelle said...

Maybe it's your appendix. That is the hardest thing for them to find when you are pregnant but it does happen frequently. Good thing I had mine out before I got pregnant. Good luck! Hope it gets better for you!