Today I am feeling grateful. I woke up feeling a bit off and almost guilty about something and I couldn’t put my finger on what is was. I am a very guilt-prone person so this sort of happens a lot, but it was bothering me more this morning for some reason. I wasn’t really excited to go to church, and I was putting more of my energy into worrying about the load of reading I have to do for my summer class. Right as I was getting ready to get me and Hadley some breakfast, Jake and I remembered that we had home teachers coming and we rushed to get ready. I am so grateful they chose today to come – I needed to hear exactly what they said, and even more I needed to hear what they didn’t say.
Their message was so simple (all of us are created equally in our Heavenly Father’s eyes, we all have a purpose of being here, moral character is so much more important than beauty and popularity, etc.) and I really needed those words. But what hit me more than that was the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I had for the church in my life. It is always there, always stable, always true. And I am definitely not all of those things all of the time. I am so grateful that even when I forget what is most important in life and I allow myself to get caught up in being busy or the trials I may be having, as soon as I am ready to get that stability back in my life – it is there. Always. I am so overwhelmingly grateful today for that because I feel like I take it for granted most of the time. I am grateful for friends and neighbors who remain amazing examples during their hard times and never seem to falter in what they believe in. I am grateful for family who is always there for me. I am grateful for home teachers who are willing to get up on a Sunday morning and come see how we are doing and give us a little lift. I am grateful for a husband who unconditionally loves me no matter the situation or what I may be going through. And I am grateful for my religion and my Heavenly Father and for the peace that I get every time I ask for it. I am so blessed – seriously so blessed – and I hope I can do more in the future to deserve everything I have.


rachel! said...

I needed that today :) Guess who has two thumbs and has been having a pity party lately???? This girl right here!!! You're amazing, keep being you :)

Steph said...

Your awesome! Thanks for sharing I loved reading this.