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First off, I want you all to forget that my last post was about my recipe blog finds and pretend I didn't spend more time finding other ones. Deal?

Okay, now to the important part. I "stumbled" across this delicious looking soft bread wrap recipe, and I really want to try it, but I am having a hard time thinking up dinners to make with them. So this is where I ask for your help - If you have any ideas of what would be good in/on/around them, please let me know! And you will be more then welcome to come eat dinner at my place when I try them out :)

Thank you!!


Jack and Daynalee said...

Hey! I am in your ward and occasionally blog stalk the RS blogs and I saw this post. I usually never comment but my mom and I have a recipe blog and we have a recipe that would be amazing with the soft bread recipe you have-

They are super yummy! Hope that helps! ~Dayna~

Erica Yates said...

You could put like a chicken caesar salad in them, or any number of sandwich fixings (kinda like they do at subway with their flat bread) or fajitas, or have them as a side with soup. Or grill some chicken and put some BBQ sauce on it and eat it like that.

I don't really cook, so I don't know, but that's what I thought of.

Steph said...

I think that would be perfect on the side of a good Indian dish! There is a good tikka masala one on also the Jamie oliver cookbook has some awesome Indian recipes! Or you could just order take out from Bombay House :)

Kristin said...

oooh flatbread goes with anything! Chicken Azteca, Stir-fry style fajitas, Cream Cheese Chicken, Burros, Cut them into quarters and serve them with cheese melted over them in soups, YUM. I'm totally trying that recipe for our next OAMC day, which is Saturday btw. :)

Rick and Michelle said...

Pizza! Put a little oregano or Italian seasoning in the crust and then put sauce and all the topings on and then broil them. Or you can do alfredo pizza with alfredo sauce instead of the marinara sauce and you can put grilled chicken, green peppers, and onions on it. YUM!!! Good luck!