Lately I can't stop watching this show on lifetime everyday (even though I started out hating it)
And constantly craving these guys. If any of you lovely people are in the mood to make some sugar cookies I would love to take them off of your hands!
You would think that by all my recent posts centered around TV shows and food that I was a growing pregnant woman who laid on the couch everyday watching TV, eating food, and desperately trying to pass a kidney stone. Oh thats right. It's because I am. You know its bad when you vacuum or mop the floor for the first time in forever and you feel incredibly accomplished but then have to take a nap. Maybe one day my life will get back to normal! Although after 6 months of this I have to say its starting to feel like this is what normal is.

Also, I am thinking about maybe getting a part time job until the baby is born. So if any of you know a place that would hire me for the next 3 months let me know!


Seth + Carlie said...

I am trying to find one too! Good luck!

Britt said...

Dani, Since you will be down here on Saturday.. I think we should make these sugar cookies and then we can take them and eat them during the boys game :)I have to go to a baby shower at 1 though. Possibly you could stop by it with me and my mom? haha :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE Grays! I have all the seasons if you want to borrow them. It's a good addiction. :)