Obsessed, are we?

I'm in the middle of creating of collage for my disability class and so I borrowed some of my sisters old people magazines so that I didn't have to go out and buy any. I had 9 magazines to go through and after about the 5th one I started to realized how many articles there were in each issue about weight loss or being skinny. I remember going to a body image class and hearing a statistic about how a large amount of people feel depressed after reading magazines for only a few minutes. Now I totally see why! I didn't see it before because I normally only read one magazine at a time. But after reading one after another I started counting and found 32 articles about weight loss, "body after baby," or celebrities getting back into shape. 32 articles in 9 magazines! I was shocked. That wasn't even counting the pictures or articles with celebrities in their bikinis and talking about how good they looked. I'm not saying that all of the articles were negative - I mean our nation has a huge issue with obesity. But why are we all so dang obsessed with weight??


Kristin said...

I strongly believe it's satan's attempt to get us to hate one of the things he wishes he had. If we're miserable about our bodies, perhaps to him, that's as good as us not having one in the first place.

just my opinion.

but yeah-the constant obsession with weight loss gets really old after a while, and yet it continues to sell magazines.

Kati said...

Whoa!! That is so much. Please bring that up tomorrow!!! That's a good one. So crazy. (I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog before, just blog stalked haha...)

Dave and Lizzie Barrett said...

Yeah I've been doing the collage too and.. wow.. it's crazy! I can't believe you found THAT many articles on weight! depressing.