We had a great 3rd and 4th! I know lots of people were bugged about the whole "not celebrating the 4th on the 4th" thing.. but to be honest I liked it better - More food spread out over TWO days. Really people? And you are complaining??

On the 3rd Jake and I went to my friend Katie's house and BBQ'd with her and her family that was in town. I ate ALL afternoon. It was amazing. I love being there because they treat me and Jake as part of there family and are always interested in what is going on with us. Jake played sports all afternoon with the kids (surprise) and I pretty much just ate and talked (surprise). After we went over to a field off of 9th east in Provo to watch the fireworks where Jake played more sports and I ate more and talked. It was a good day :)

Me & Jake (see the chex mix i was eating?)

30 weeks! (only 10 left.. what???)

Me & Katie

For the 4th we went to my parents house and had yummy food (I finally got the Texas Sheet Cake I have been craving for the last 3 days!) watched amazing dances, played with cute babies, lit fireworks and "couldn't believe our sparkling minds!" (comment courtesy of my cute 3 year old niece), sang songs from glee with these girls, and watched Harry Potter while the guys played poker. Yep, I think it was a success.

For pictures of our 4th - go here. Missy already posted most of them.. So why bother really?


Seth + Carlie said...

Sounds like a good time!

Steph said...

looks like you guys had an awesome holiday! You look so great I can't believe you only have 10 weeks left!! I'm so excited to see your sweet baby girl!

Jake & Bryton said...

look at how cute you look! man i will be set if i look half as good as you prego. see you soon at the party!