Today I am grateful for:

*A break from school before it starts back up
*Pain meds while this kidney stone takes it sweet time
*The small number of comfy clothes that fit over this huge belly
*A healthy baby growing inside me - even if that baby is growing a little too much in my rib cage at times
*Parents who are always there when we fall short
*A car with a/c to drive for the week
*My husband who gets up for work every morning
*The chance to pay tithing
*The fact that I have been able to not work during this pregnancy

I am one lucky girl. I've been complaining a lot lately about lots of things (kidney stones, the heat, school, being tired, still being pregnant, etc) and I think it's time that I stop. I am way too blessed in so many ways to be complaining as much as I do. So starting today i will be more positive.. We'll see how long it lasts :)

Also this week is a pretty big week for me. Huge actually. This is the last full week of my entire life where I have nothing that i absolutely have to do or be responsible for. Next week my last semester of school starts, and sometime after that I will be a mom. So the next time i get a break from school, I will have a little girl to take care of. So wanna know what I am doing this week?

Nothing. :)


Sara said...

danica. you are awesome. enjoy your week off! :)

Lesa said...

I hope it's a really good week. Do a little bit of nothing for me. :O)