Really Long Birth Story, Pictures & a Video.

*This post is more just so I can remember the details later on and also so Hadley can read this someday -It is really lengthy cuz I want to have everything written down, so if you get bored feel free to skip down to the cute pictures and video at the end :)*

Hadley's Birth Story

It all started Sunday night when we were scheduled to stay overnight at the hospital for me to be induced. I had been having problems on and off for about 3 1/2 months with kidney stones and so Dr. Harward had scheduled me to come in a couple days after my due date to get things going. We went up to my parents house for dinner like we do every Sunday and I made sure to eat as much as I wanted since I wouldn't be able to eat the next morning. I felt like I was eating my last meal :) We were about to make peach shakes and leave, so before it was time to leave, Jake, Brett, and my dad gave me a blessing. Jake gave a beautiful blessing which blessed me with comfort and strength, that I would have the help that I needed and that our daughter would become a light in my life. I wasn't really worked up or stressed much but it did give me comfort and made me feel at peace. After the blessing was over, Jake said "well, its go time!" - to which my 3 year old neice Brinley replied "no, it's peach smoothie time!"
We packed up and headed down to the hospital where they got us settled into our room (we got the best room they have - its big and has a great view and its actually the same room Kira gave birth to Presley in a year ago) and my nurse Donna put something in me to help soften my cervix overnight to help make things easier the next day. I was feeling a little bit discouraged because I really wasn't dilated at all and, as my nurse said, we were starting from scratch. Luckily the thing they put in me made me have contractions all night so I started to feel like things were starting to move along a little bit. I had some crazy dreams though since i wasn't able to really fall asleep.. In one of the dreams I was sitting outside the Oprah show waiting to get into the audience and I was having contractions the whole time. It was weird. Anyways my next nurse Allie, who is the one who helped deliver Hadley, came in at 6:30 and got me hooked up to the pitocin and then my contractions got a lot more regular. I had practiced alot of Hypnobirthing relaxation stuff throughout my pregnancy because I was interested in trying to do things natural, and for the first little while it worked really good. Harward came in around 8 or 830 and broke my water and then things really started happening regularly. The contractions started to get more intense but with the relaxation I was able to stay relaxed and handle them pretty good. My family came over to the hospital and hung out for a bit and after a while the contractions moved to my back and i began doing back labor. It sucked. Like bad. each contraction started to feel like my back was breaking. Also something was happening in my ribs so that with every contraction I had a super sharp pain in my ribs and I wasn't able to breath through it. So after about 5 hours of labor I got them to come in and give me the epidural. I wasn't scared for it because needles don't really scare me, but getting it was harder than I thought it would be. I think it was just because I didn't know what to expect past the poke of the needle and it was hard to stay completely still while having contracions and back spasms. But it was completely worth it because once it started to work and the back/rib pain went away it was such a sense of relief. 
Right after that my blood pressure started to drop and I got really nauseas and light headed from the epidural, but they put me on oxygen and got everything fixed and, apart from being tired, I was feeling alot better. My contractions started to come about every 1 1/2-2 minutes and they were pretty strong and regular. I can't remember when everything happened because after I got the epidural the time of everything is pretty fuzzy.. but at some point Hadley's heart rate started dropping during each contraction from like 120/130 to like 50 or 60. They were worried that the cord might be wrapped around her neck so they started watching me really close in case they needed to do an emergency C-Section. They kept me on my left side (for some reason she did better when I was laying that way) and started putting liquids back up to where she was to help put more cushion between her and the cord. It was pretty gross cuz everytime I coughed, laughed or moved it felt like was peeing the bed and that it was going everywhere. Kind of weird. 
At some point they checked me and I was at a 5, and then in about 2 hours I went from a 5 to a 10. It went so fast. I just remember starting to feel a lot of pressure that was getting more and more intense (my epidural was wearing off at that point and I didn't realize there was a button to push to get more) and I could feel her starting to move down. Since my doctor works right next to the hospital and he was finishing up the last of his patients they let me sit at a 10 for a little bit and allowed her to move down on her own with out me pushing until he got there. I was still on my left side when my nurse came in and pushed the button for me to get more of the epidural medicine and instead of numbing me evenly it all went to my left side. So my left leg and arm were COMPLETELY numb - like I couldn't move them at all, and my left eye was sagging so it looked like I had had a stroke or something.  it looked so funny! The only problem was it didn't numb the area that was actually going to be pushing the baby out. I was lucky though because by the time we got everything going and I started pushing, it only took about 15 minutes and she was out! Jake stayed up by me and held the arm that was numb because I couldn't handle it just hanging there. It was nice having him right by me to talk me through the pushing. He also had to help once they put her on my stomach because I only had the one arm to hold her. It was pretty surreal seeing her for the first time. The thing I remember most from that moment is the sense of relief having her out, and also that I didn't recognize whose nose she had :) Then they took her, cleaned her, let me hold her for like 30 seconds and then handed her over to the respiratory people because they were worried from all the heart rate problems she had been having. I think they had most of the people leave the room at the point - I think Jake might have been with Hadley.. They only people I remember in the room after that was Madi and my mom.. and maybe my grandma (for the delivery we had a crowd. It seems to just be how my family does it. I think we had like 14 people there or something. Some were behind the curtain so they weren't traumatized, but Hadley still had an audience when she met us. My doctor said that I should have sold tickets to come and watch). I was a little out of it and more worried about the pain from feeling my doctor stiching me up.. bleh. Once it was all over they brought her back in and I was able to hold her and just stare at her. So many people say that there is an immediate connection and realization that they are that baby's mom but I didn't feel that. It wasn't real to me. I loved her and thought she was so adorable but she didn't feel like "mine" yet. Now almost 2 weeks later she feels like she is mine, but it hasn't really clicked that I am her mom or that she is my daughter.. That is still kinda weird to say. 
She has been such a good baby right from the beginning. She latched right on and nursed really good, and she just slept and was really calm. She still is a really calm baby and only cries when she needs something. She wakes up about every 2-3 hours to eat and have her diaper changed, and then at night she sleeps about 4-5 hours in between eating. I love just sitting and staring at her and watching the funny faces that she makes. One of my most favorite things it watching her wake up. its so hilarious cuz she makes the funniest faces. Jake and I are so lucky to have her apart of our family and we love her to pieces. Jake has been the best dad already and he has really been such a huge help. I didn't realize how much of a recovery it would be after having a baby, but it has been a process. And then add on top of it all the hormones and emotions and post partum stuff and I have been kind of a wreck at some points :) But Jake has handled it really good and is there to take Hadley whenever I need him too. Things are starting to get a little better, it is still tough at times and I am still staying caved up in my house. One day maybe things will get back to some sort of normal :) Till then I will just keep changing diapers, nursing, burping, and taking naps every chance I get! 

*Hadley we love you SO much and we are so happy that you chose to be apart of our family. I already can't imagine not having you with us. I didn't think I would react to all of this the way that I have but you have made me such an emotional cry baby! I get heartbroken every time I remember that you won't stay the tiny little newborn that you are now. I am so so grateful that I get to be your mom and I know Jake loves being your dad. I hope that we will be good parents and that we can give you everything that you need and deserve because I want you to have everything I can possibly give to you. But don't judge me if you end up being an only child - having another baby pretty much scares the heck out of me. Maybe I will get up enough courage to do it again one day - but until then I am excited to spend as much time with you as I can :) Love you!*

These next few 5 pictures are courtesy of my lil sis (Madi, Madison, Missy, Missy Pantelones, The aggie... whatever you prefer to call her)

 Coming home from the hospital
 Hadley's first bath!

 She always has her hands somewhere near her face - it's so cute :)

Here is a video that Madi made of Hadley's first couple days - pretty sure I cry every time I watch it. Yep. Pathetic. 

Untitled from Madison Waters on Vimeo.


Lesa said...

How great of you to actually write the whole story out. I was just too exhausted when I had Maddox that he only got up to the last thing I ate before I had him (lol). It sounds like it went pretty well though!
And oh my goodness! Seeing her in her carseat makes her look so tiny!! I can't believe how little they actually are when they're born. I can't wait to see her and hope you guys are all doing great!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh Dani, I just want to cry reading your story and seeing all those pictures. You will make the best mother, and you and Jake will be great parents. Don't worry. She's beautiful, like her mommy!

rachel! said...

What a beauty :) That video was amazing! Please tell your sister that i think she's fantastic! You are such a natural mom :) Good job!

Seth + Carlie said...

So cute and sweet. Love the videos!

derek and kimber said...

She is a doll! SO cute and sweet - you are a great momma Dani! I want you to know that comment you made to me about being a good mom made me cry. You try so hard to be a good mom to these little ones and sometimes you feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated. Not because they made you feel that way, simply because we are women and that is what we do. haha. ANyway, it meant more than you know. I truly appreciate it.
I am glad you wrote your delivery, I did too.. now - a year later I still go back and read it quiet more than I thought I would. There are little details that I forget, and when I read my post than it takes me back to that wonderful but frightening time.

Also, Just so you don't feel alone. I know what you meant about LOVING them so much but not feeling like they are yours. It took me a good month and a half before I felt like she was MINE. I loved her so much but it almost seemed surreal, like I was in a real-life game of playing "house" or something. Don't worry, the mother-daughter bond grows and grows, and somehow, even though you feel like you couldn't possibly love them anymore - some how you do. :-)
Oh and the not getting ready thing and all - enjoy it. Those days will fly by, enjoy the precious newborn stage where cuddling is inevitable. You will get in the routine of getting ready, (VERY FAST) all while entertaining a baby. It comes with time!
you are doing great dani. Sorry for ssuch a long comment!

Holly Walker-Thaxton said...

okay that was the cutest little vidoe EVER!! I was trying not to cry the whole time I watched it. Her little face is just SO SO CUTE!! It put the biggest smile on my face at the part she does that little hic-up thing!! awe!!!! Congrats DANICA!!!! Good job for writing the whole story! It is crazy how fast you forget the little details of everything. Thats awesome you have this saved!! It goes by so so so fast!! I feel like I just had Linkin.. like last week.. and he's almost 2!! (this December!!) crazy!! and I totally understand the whole it not feeling 'real' for a while after.. I was the same way!! A few weeks later I was looking at Linkin and it just all REALLY sunk in that he needed me more than anyone else in the whole world and he was MY baby!! It
s so amazing to be a mommy! It's crazy too , when I first saw him, it didnt really sink in that I actually just gave birth to him but I also felt like I knew him already and like he was someone who I knew and hadnt seen in a long time. I just said HI!! when I saw him. Sorry, to go off on you..this post just made me think of my hospital experience! It is so special. I love your family, I miss you all! I am so excited that you are a Mommy now, it's the best gift ever and you deserve it. She is such a good baby because you are such a good mommy!! You have always been so calm and sweet and she'll be just like you!! I want to hold her right now!! i need your number!! love you!!

The Belliston's said...

So I just found out that you had a BLOG! Yeah I am a blog stalker too and it makes me so Happy when I find a BLOG of a person I know! This video was so dang cute. I can see why you would cry every time you watch it. You are the cutest mom and your baby girl is ADORABLE...this makes me want to have a baby really, really, really (did i say really) bad :)