I found this post that I wrote last year.
That was the same month that I got pregnant.

Man, was I right, or was I right? I was right.

I had to laugh when I read this at the bottom:

"Who knows, maybe it's nothing. But maybe it will be something that will change my life. Kind of exciting, isn't it?"

Ha.. If only I had known then how much my life really was about to change.. Love you Hadley!


Madi said...

haha i love that missy! also love the new look for the blog.

Seth + Carlie said...

That's so funny because I remember thinking that exact thing (that you were pregnant) when I read that post. Even Britt commented that! PS-I really like the new layout of your blog!

smwaters said...

A wonderful thing about writing a journal or a blog is that you can look back and be reminded of how you were thinking and how things have changed. This is a great post. Thanks for reminding us of your earlier post.

Another thing I see in this post is that you have a very wise father. You are very lucky. :-)

derek and kimber said...

AH! That is crazy! That is so awesome though! I love it. You are such a cute momma Dani!!

Steph said...

I felt that same you really cant anticipate the changes that happen once you become a parent but it's a pretty amazing journey!