Last Sunday we blessed Hadley and it was so great. Well, except for the throwing up. And the sore throat. And the body aches. It was sort of a bad day for me. But the blessing was beautiful. We had so many people there between both sides of our family and a few friends that were able to be there. Jake did an awesome job blessing her and thankfully his mom thought to write down the blessing so now we can put it in her baby book. Thanks to Missy for making the cupcakes while I was throwing up and laying on the kitchen floor - they were delish! And thanks to my mom and sis who brought the other food. My neighbor Kristin designs lots of things like blogs and websites and announcements and invites - so she made an email invite for me to send out to people:

Adorable, don't you think? She did such a good job. She also took over and put together the whole dessert table because I wasn't really able to move. Thanks again Kristin! And sorry if you didn't get the invite.. I was so spacey that week and then I got sick. So.... yeah. woops. 

Anyways, here are a few shots Missy shot after the blessing:

We love you Hadley! And we are so happy you are in our family - We can't imagine it without you :)

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Steph said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of it! It was a beautiful blessing. Hadley looked adorable!!