November 13, 2010

Saturday the 13th was a very important day. Like huge.

I drove by all by myself in downtown Salt Lake.

I got off the freeway by myself - made it to the temple by myself - parked and un-parked all by myself- and got back onto the freeway by myself. Yep - go ahead a be proud.

Oh yah, and Brittany and Allen got married :) Jk Britt - Your wedding was MUCH more important than my accomplishment... But I am still pretty proud of myself.

Okay so onto the whole reason I drove up there by myself - Brittany Muir became Brittany Bauer and I was lucky enough to watch it happen! Their sealing was simple and beautiful and the pictures were freezing. I love going to being able to watch friends and family be sealed because of the spirit that is there and for the reminder of my own temple covenants and the promises Jake and I made to each other. Plus it's so fun to see the bride and grooms faces when they are told that they are husband and wife - priceless :)

Congrats Britt and Allen! We love you guys!
Aren't they adorable? :)

 Waiting for them to come out of the temple

 Bridesmaids + Taylor

Our gorgeous bouquets 

 Fam-e-lee :)


kaylie jean. said...

First of all, not embarassing at all, because I do that ALL THE TIME. I'm glad you commented so I can read your blog too!
Second of all, steal the quote. It's an awesome one. But what's to say about that. I mean, it IS Elder Holland after all.
Thirdly, your family is beautiful.

Ashley said...

Um....can we talk about how it's a small world because Allen is my little brothers best friend. Like for real beans, best friends since high school. In fact, when my brother got married last month Allen was his Best Man. lol Small World!