Bookstore Dating

Tonight for a date night (let's pretend it isn't the first date night we've had since the baby was born....) I found a fun idea for a date at the bookstore. And since just the smell of a bookstore makes me feel giddy I thought we should try it. I think it went pretty well:

 It started with a list of different challenges -- So for each one we split up and then came back to show what we found

 Jake chose a pudding cake with rum custard for his recipe he wanted to try, a joke about a golfer who tells his wife he cheated on her to cover up that he played an extra 18 holes (it was pretty funny when its told instead of summarized), and a "comedy movie" Scene It for a date idea.

I picked a copycat recipe for Chili's chicken crispers, a couple of Jeff Foxworthy's "redneck dictionary" words for my joke, and a deck of cards that had 52 different date ideas.

 A childhood book I loved

A childhood book Yeckob loved

A book I've read (I saw both and couldn't decide which one to pick.. Shocker, I know since I'm usually so decisive)

 A book Jake has read (I should probably change that to THE book Jake has read lol. My cute lil' hubby ain't much of a reader)

Jake wants to visit The House of Parliament in London

I want to visit Ireland

So.. Then we got tired and hungry and skipped the rest.. ha. But it was a good free date and we had a lot of fun!

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smwaters said...

Sounds fun. Way to get Jake into a bookstore. We'll have him reading Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Archipeligo" in no time.