Brinley Says

Here are just a few of the things that came out of this little girls mouth yesterday:

(Holding a sippy cup and showing it to Hadley)
"Oh Dani look, Hadley is like "hey! is that booby milk in there??"


"Mom.. my eyes are watering. But I wasn't even cutting an onion. I was coloring on the computer. But I wasn't coloring with crayons on the computer"


"Apparently Presley thought she was paper" (Presley had colored on her leg)


"So, apparently Brett is going to come home and pick Hadley's toes"


Brett: Brinley, how long have you had your drivers license?
Brinley: no....days?


Brinley had to go to the bathroom while we were watching some lights in a gated community so Brett was trying to get her to go to the bathroom outside. She freaked out and wouldn't do it so while we were rushing to a gas station for a bathroom, Brinley and Jake had this conversation:

Jake: Brinley, when you grow up and go to girls camp you are going to have to learn how to go to the bathroom outside.
Brinley: Jake - guess what?
Jake: What Brin?
Brinley: (said with some sort of 3 year old southern accent) When I grow up. I'm going to buy myself a phone.
Jake: You are going to buy your own phone??
Brinley: Yep. Then when I go to girls camp, I'm gonna call ma daddy, tell him to come and pick me up, and take me potty.

Problem solved.



Madi said...

hahaha i cant even explain my love for this little girl.

smwaters said...

Absolutely priceless!

Steph said...

Brinley does say some pretty funny stuff! Love the "apparently"