Get Educated

People often ask me questions about my major (Deaf Studies), and I usually make the mistake of trying to cram 4 years of education into 2 minutes. Needless to say, it doesn't really work. I get so jumbled and never know what to say to do the subject justice. woops.

Two people that don't seem to have that problem are Will Garrow and Flavia Fleischer. They were featured on KUER yesterday morning and they did an excellent job covering the basics. They were two of my professors at UVU and I look up to them so much. Seriously, they are wonderful. And Flavia is incredible - she has two masters degrees and is finishing up her PHD in Linguistics. And you try and tell me Deaf people can't do what hearing people can... get real.

Because I am not an interpreter or a teacher I sometimes feel like I am not "authorized" to talk about things like this, but it doesn't change how important this subject is to me. I care about it deeply and I am grateful for all the things I learned while I was at UVU. It changed the way I see myself and others, and I couldn't have asked for better teachers. Please, if you have the time, listen or watch this broadcast. I always wish that I could bring Flavia along with me to teach everyone what she has taught me, and now I sort of can :) 

Click here for KUER's Broadcast.

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