Photo Lovin'

I realize that I keep posting my sisters videos on here.. I promise, I am aware of it. I'm just kind of in love with all of them. So i'm posting another one - sorry :) But this one is attached with pictures sooo.. does that make it better??

*awkward silence*

No? hmm.. I think I will do it anyway.

Here is the christmas present + pictures that we gave to my mom and dad for Christmas. Thanks missy!

Sorry, but I have to interrupt. Isn't that face just adorrrrrrable?? 
Okay, sorry, keep going.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Steph said...

cute pictures of all of you guys! Hadley is getting so big I need to see her!! Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog by the way!

in morse code said...

adorable pics! so cute. must admit, it gets me so excited.

oh and p.s. so good to see you last week at the party. (and thanks for all the advice!)