This Girl

Is 3 months old today! 

So weird - time is going much too fast for my liking. In the three months that she has been alive and out of my tummy she has learned:
*to hold toys in her right hand (not so much in her left..)
*that she has fists - and to her, they are much better to suck on than a binky
*how to smile :) Mornings are the best, she smiles at everything. And she loves when her cousins talk to her or when her dad gets home from work. It's so fun seeing her start to interact with people
*that the t.v. is a good distraction. She loves Elmo's World, The Wiggles, and Football the best
*that she doesn't like you to sing to her when she is mad.
*she would much rather you hold her than set her down. Pretty much if you set her down she is crying... So I have learned how to do a lot of things one-handed :)
*she likes to look at herself in the mirror while laying on the bobby pillow

I'm sure there is more, but i'm already pushing my luck on how long she is lasting for me to write this post. So, on to the pictures from this morning. I watched Brinley and Presley while Kira went to do her glucose test (gross) and here is what our morning looked like:

 Ha..Her eyebrows are pretty much always like this 

Brinley and Hadley watching Elmo's world 

 Cousin Lovin'

 Love this girl :)

Hadley in the "toboggan" Brinley made for her

All the cousins in their toboggans


rachel! said...

Too cute! I'll be in town soon, will you be able to get together (and bring that sweet little babe) for a Deaf Studies reunion???

Brittany said...

Ok I love this! I think she's bigger today since Saturday! It must be that 3 month mark! Love it!

Lesa said...

umm... LOVE that expression Hadley has. She is so adorable! And so much bigger since I last saw her!

Steph said...

That first picture of her oh my gosh is adorable! She has such a cute sweet little face!