Back Again

I'm alive! Both kidney stones are gone - Good riddance! (I'm not really sure what that means.. but it feels like it fits in this situation?) After a night of intense pain and throwing up atleast 4 times every hour, 2 visits to the ER, 4 days of nothing but trying to force fluids in me without throwing up (I couldn't even handle tv - and that is saying something if you know me) and 2 passed kidney stones, I am finally up and living and back from the dead. Allll thanks to this woman:

If it weren't for my wonderful/amazing/beautiful/essential oil & herb lovin mom, I am sure myself and my milk would have shriveled up and died. Sure, I'm a little dramatic sometimes, but for sure my milk would be gone. I'm pretty sure my mom came in every 34.7 seconds saying "DRINK" so that i would have enough fluids to pass the stones, keep my body hydrated, and make enough milk for little miss Hadley. I really don't think I am exaggerating on the time there - it could have been 35 seconds but its hard to really know anything when you are on percocet. either way, (thanks to my mom) the only things that matter are:

1. im alive
2. big kidney stones are gone and they are never coming back. That is a threat.
3. I still have milk.

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Lesa said...

OOh thank goodness they're gone. And aren't moms great? I vaguely remember my mom doing that for me in the last two weeks, but I was in much less pain.. just exhausted.
Now life can get back to normal!!! :)