End of the Year Part Two: Happy Birthday to ME!

I love Sundance. Kind of a weird way to start out a birthday post, right? Just hear me out, it will all make sense when I'm done. . .

 I can't remember a time in my life where I didn't have a memory of Sundance and where I didn't like the place. It describes my mom's style to a "T" (is that how you write that phrase??) And it always makes me think of my parents or of some family memory there. In fact, it shocks me to hear that someone has never been there. Isn't Sundance visits apart of every family's regular outings? You know that little feeling of happiness and contentment you get sometimes? I get that when I think about Sundance. Here are a few snapshots to prove to you how long my family has been going there:

That's a lot of years covered right there folks. Isn't that fun? 

Okay so pause in the story. Remember how I loose everything? Right. Remember how back in like February I lost my wedding ring? Well, sad to say, it's still gone. I really think it might have gotten vacuumed up. I hated walking around every day for almost a year without a wedding ring on. It's not even that I didn't have a *ring* on my finger - because honestly, that isn't even what matters. I am still happily married to the boy who gave me that ring, and a piece of white gold with something sparkly in the middle doesn't define that marriage. I have everything that matters most to me still and thankfully it isn't exactly possible for me to loose them or vacuum them up (thank goodness). But, I did like my ring and I did like having everyone know I was married whenever I went places by myself. So I had been looking online for a cheap ring that I could wear just so I had something. But everything was just so fake looking. Not "fake" as in "That is not a real diamond and so I refuse to wear it." I couldn't care less if I have a real diamond or not - my old one was fake. I've always thought it was pointless to spend thousands on something little like that when there are soo many other things I need that money for. When I say "fake" I mean they just looked like another typical wedding ring and I would have felt cheap and fake wearing it. it's not me. Want to know what is me?

This guy:

Meet my new wedding ring :) I found it on the Sundance website a couple months back and fell in love but didn't have the money for it. So my awesome family all pitched in and surprised me with it for my birthday. It's perfect. simple, beautiful, "earthy," and it's from Sundance. How fun is it to have something with so much history and meaning for me sitting on my finger everyday? I love it. And it's even better in person.

Other wonderful birthday festivities included a much needed hair dye, much much needed shampoo and conditioner, a certificate for a much much much needed hour massage (don't worry, I'm done with the "much's") Bombay house, and of course, a birthday cake courtesy of my mom. It really was such a good day and one of the best birthdays I've had for a while. And to top it all off we got to stay in a hotel for free overnight. It was Hadleys first time and I think she enjoyed her relaxing stay, don't you?

aanndd there's more pictures and a video. enjoy :)

 I'm 23 - not 32. Just puttin that out there..

 We both have Sundance wedding rings :)

 Bombay house - Go there - it's good.

 The birthday girls! I love sharing my birthday with that lady right there
And I love this girl and her face more then I can tell you

Holy that was a long post. Whoever stayed till the end - I would clap for you if I was with you. In fact, come to my house - I will clap for you.


rachel! said...

Happy birthday dear! I love your new ring :) I have seriously considered tooooo many pieces from the Sundance catalog, I'm glad we share such great taste ;) Have a great weekend!

The Crane's said...

could hadley be any cuter??!!! I love the picture of her on the bed that is too cute! Happy Birthday!!!

Anzana Woodward said...

i'll be at your house in 5 - so you can clap for me.
i LOVE your ring. its so pretty! happy birthday cute girl. miss you!

Seth + Carlie said...

I love your new ring! Sounds like you have had a great few weeks! You guys deserve it! oh and I want to come over so you can clap for me--mostly so I can see your pretty baby again too! haha

derek and kimber said...

Happy brithday love! I love blog stalking you. You are on my top 3 blogs to stalk. hope that doesn't put any pressure on you.. or send creepy vibes for that matter! Hadley is adorable and so are you! We should get together for a play date!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday!! Great pictures! The ones of you and Hadley are soo soo cute! Lovely ring! That is cool you and your mom both have Sundance rings! Oh ya and the flash back pictures are pretty sweet too!