Put Put Put

*In this post when I say "today," lets all pretend that I mean a week ago Friday. That is when this post was really supposed to be written, but it turns out getting things done on time or when you want them to be done isn't one of the joys of being parents. Who knew?

Today* this girl moved to New York. Can you believe it? She is probably gonna meet at least 5 celebrities a day, which makes her famous, which then makes me famous by family. or blood. Or whatever. I can't believe she's gone and we are gonna miss that little missy like crazy! (especially hobbes missy, he can't stop crying since you left. It's getting a little weird.)

In honor of her moving and having all kinds of new adventures, I thought I would make her a list to remind  her why home will always be better/cooler/more awesome than New York. Ahem:

"You made up Brett Bretterson in the first grade"
"I met a possum"
"a put put put"
"Wave of babies"
"doooo baa dooo"
"Jessica's a really nice girl"
Gomer Ronchez and Grumpy Gills
"The laaaaaast melon"
"Home home on the range, where the hobbes and the lucky girl play...."
Joshua Radin
The Ellen Show
The elbow lift
Princess Uno
"I put a squirrel in my bed and ate it is that bad"
"I gave birth to my cat so... it just affects me a little more.. so...."

Way cooler than New York, right? Hope you have lots and lots and lots of fun Missy! And I hope you buy me something good :)


Madi said...

awwww missy i love this!
Thank you and i promsie i will always think you are ten times cooler than anything in new york!
-Love Gomer Ronchez

smwaters said...

How is it that I am the father of both of you and I only know the references to three of the things on the list? What have you not been telling me?

Confused in Lindon.

Lauren said...

I don't even know what language you guys are speaking but I can't help but laugh at some of this ridiculousness. I'm sure she'll love New York, because I know I love it. But even living in cali for 5 years, Utah is still home and still love it more. She'll realize it.