Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my sister Kira's birthday, so naturally we ate some yummy dinner and had homemade cake courtesy of my mom. Oh and we skyped madi in so that she could be a part of the festivities too. Here are a few pictures of the night:

Brinley took this picture - can you see her in the little box?

 Everyone on their iphones/ipods/phones. Pathetic.

Grandpa and the Hadipug

Grandpa and the Hadipug and J.B.

The Missy's

Missy shunned in the corner

hadipugg's last night of being the youngest grandkid

Speaking of birthdays and Kira - She is in LAABBORR right now! eeeeeeeeek! I'm so excited - So happy birthday to Ryker too (in a few hours of course). I'm just waiting for the "she-is-getting-ready-to-push" phone call to rush over, skype madi in, and get ready for the baby to get birthed! ahh i can't wait :)

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