He's Heeerrre!

Welcome to the world 

Ryker Loren Peterson
9 lb 2 oz - 22 inches - 12:19 pm

Oh and he is so so cute

missy holding ryker through gmail chat - she got to be there for the whole thing thanks to technology

dad and son

mom and son

All babies and births are special, but this one was just a little extra special. When my sister was 19, she got pregnant with a little baby boy. Since she wasn't in a place in her life to take care of a baby, she chose adoption to give him the best life possible. It was hard for her and our whole family but the fact that she was able to give Jensen two parents who not only loved each other and him, but could give him everything that he needed, made it the right decision. Today she gave birth to a little baby boy the she gets to keep. He is not here to replace Jensen. But he is here as the first grandson, boy cousin, and son that is ours.

Welcome to the family Ryker - we have waited a long time for you!


Lauren said...

Seriously,this little post just played up and down with my emotions. Laughed hysterically when I saw the skype Madi holding the baby. Then, when I reached and read this little part at the bottom. I almost started to cry. Wow, am I a woman or what?
This is precious though.

Steph said...

Way to make me cry!! I'm so excited for Kira and Brett. It really is so special. You said it so perfectly! I'm so happy for your whole family!

Lindsey said...

Congrats to you and your whole family Dani! He is beautiful.... or uh.. i mean... HANDSOME!