In Mourning

Today I am in mourning and I think I will be wearing black to show it (isn't that the proper way?). Joshua Radin will be here in Salt Lake City and I will not be there. Oh I can't even explain to you the disappointment going on right now. The guy has some seriously amazing music and its 26.5 times better live - not even joking. My plans all along were to be there no matter what (and when i say no matter what, i mean that i have been telling my unborn-but-could-come-at-anytime nephew that he could come any day but today) And then "what" came up and I can't go. A put put put.

So I will be accepting cash donations all day long in honor of my pity party and all proceeds will go to eating away my sorrows. I'm thinking ice cream and chocolate and popcorn.. But we will see.

What? You can't make it either and you have been depressed all day too? (what? the only person who even cares about this is you Missy? thanks for understanding) Well, alright. I've heard misery loves company- so grab a chair and some ice cream and lets watch these music videos together. rreadddyy... go:

i may or may not listen to this one just to feel like i am there at the

Thanks for participating - now if you will excuse me I am going to get more food and put these on repeat.

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Lauren said...

Man such good stuff. Too bad I'm not a millionaire. I would totally donate, sometimes mommys need days off.