Just A Few Things

I'm in a blogging slump.. meh.  I just feel like there is not enough to write a whole post about. And i've been sooooo busy.. with... the bachelor.... and.... so anyways. Also, writing a whole post with a baby is such a process.. So here is a bunch of random thoughts so I feel like I am actually updating: 

-- Watching Hadley watch elmo when she hasn't seen it for a few days is prrrobbably one of the          funniest things I have ever seen - like for realz. Too bad for all y'all I don't have a video of it. Come to my house and I will gladly show you.

-- Katie Johnson became Katie Hayes on February 26th and I am SO happy for her - seriously this girl is one the most genuine, kind, giving, loving, quirky, awesome people ever and I'm so excited she found Ben and was able to marry him. Aren't they cute together? 

p.s. Her mom made that shawl - out of a blanket. Can you say skills?

-- Hadley sat in a high chair and ate bananas for the first time 

 Ha, I know I am a little pathetic, and yes we filmed it. Please, don't watch it - you will be bored 7 seconds into it. We are totally being those parents -- and we love it.

-- Madi - here is that video of the girls. I just thought that you might need a reminder of what a normal day with these girls is like. I hopez youz feelz betta 2 moz an youz na hurted na mo.

-- I love swagbucks. More on that later.

-- I need to read more books. More, also, on that later.

-- I love W.I.C and I love Miss Anna Pauling for being at Winco to help me bag my stuff. Thanks again!

-- Thank you Rebecca Halls for this song

-- So far this year i have saved 123 dollars couponing. Wha??? <-- do those question marks look huge to anyone else but me?

-- BACHELORRRRRR - I want him to pick Emily. Your thoughts?

-- Happy 200 posts to ME!


rebecca said...

isnt it amazing?

thanks for the shout out :)

Brittany said...

Have I told you that I just love those three girls!! PS.. why have you not taught me this couponing stuff?? We are DC's and we are supposed to do this together haha jk. But really.. you share your strategies and I will share mine :)